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In school, we would have been learning about the Victorian era. We have uploaded some resources to use if you wish. We do not need to see any of these pieces of work. You are welcome to use your school workbook for these or be creative! 


There is no expectation to do any of these tasks - they are free to use as you see fit! 


Task 1 is to create a timeline for the Victorian era. You could get creative with a washing line, roll of wallpaper or down your bannister! If there is an event you don't know much about, or that interests you, find about some more information about it then add it to your timeline. 


Task 2 is to learn about Queen Victoria. Why not create a poster about her? You could create a PowerPoint and then share this with family or friends via Zoom or another video link. There is an option tot create a family tree. 


Task 3 is to learn about the Industrial Revolution and the impact it had on our country. 


Task 4 is to think about how children were treated in a workhouse. What was a workhouse? Would you have liked to be there? Think about the conditions they would have been exposed to and how you would feel. There is an option to do a piece of writing here if you wish.