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Cycle / Scooter Permits

Cycle/Scooter Code of Conduct

1.    I will wear a helmet when riding to and from school.
2.    I will plan my route carefully to and from school with an adult, and I will always follow this route.
3.    Every time I ride my bike I will check that my brakes are working and my reflectors are clean and I can be easily seen by other road users.
4.    I will carry school books in a back pack, and I will never carry anything under my arm or hanging loose from the handlebars.
5.    I will get off and walk with my bike/scooter when I get to the school gates.
6.    I will use a lock to secure my bike/scooter at school.

Cycle / Scooter Permit Scheme - Application

Thank you for applying for a cycle/scooter permit. Parents will need to confirm that the child/ren have read and understood the code of conduct above. Please complete the attached contact form including name of child/ren and year group in the message panel. You will then be issued with a permit via class that must be attached to the handle bars of your bike/scooter.