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School Council

Who is on the council? 

There is one elected member from each class Y2– Y6 with the views of Y1 and YR to be represented by Y5 and Y6 members. Each councillor has their photo displayed on a prominent notice board and badges are awarded to be worn on the school uniform.


How many members of staff are on the council?

Mrs Peachment coordinates the school council meetings and activities, liaising with the Head Teacher.


How are the council elected? 

Any pupil may stand for election by making a written ‘manifesto’ as to why they would be a good councillor for their class. They are required to make a speech in front of their class mates and the representative determined by a class blind vote on ballot papers provided. The results are counted and publicly announced by the ‘Returning Officer’ in a whole class assembly. In the event of a councillor behaving inappropriately they may be ‘struck off’ and a replacement councillor elected. Councillor remains elected for the year and cannot be re-elected the following year.


How often do the council meet? 

A formal meeting is held once a half term, usually on the second Thursday of the half term. All councillors attend. There is an agenda and minutes are taken.


What sort of issues do the council discuss?

The agenda is drawn up by the school council and Mrs Peachment. The council is given a high profile by inclusion in decision making about issues such as deciding their own sponsored challenges, choosing charities that the school can support, organising and coordinating stalls at school events etc. They also make community linked visits.


How are the results of school council meetings fed back to the rest of the school?

Each representative feeds back to their class, with minutes to be displayed on the school council notice board.