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PTA Christmas Card designs

The design sheet for the Christmas Cards should come with this order form.  If your child would like to create their own Christmas Card please get creative at home, but note the following points:

  • Felt tips, pencils, crayons and paint give the best effect.
  • Do not use glitter, fluorescent colours, metallic paper or 3D objects as they don’t give great results.
  • Make sure the artwork is within the thick black border. Background colours and artwork is welcomed up to the border, but key elements like text, stars or angels may be cropped if they are too close to the edge.
  • Please be as legible as possible with your child’s name and class name as this is how it will appear on the card.  Please write this in yourself if you’re not sure about the legibility of their handwriting themselves!

Please make sure you hand in the following by Friday 8th October:

  • Completed design sheet
  • Order form
  • Money in a sealed envelope with child’s name, class name and amount written on the front.  Cash or cheque fine.

You will be able to download additional Design Sheets and Order Forms from the PTA page on the School website.

St. Francis School PTA Treasurer Role




As with most organisations, the role of the Treasurer is essentially being responsible for handling all the finances of the organisation.

For the St. Francis PTA, this consists of the following aspects:

• Collecting funds raised at events

• Depositing funds at the bank

• Withdrawing funds at the bank (mainly just for floats at events)

• Making approved payments to relevant suppliers

• Paying approved expenses to committee members and other relevant individuals

• Reconciling all transactions ensuring the bank balance matches with the recorded deposits and withdrawals

• Presenting a short summary of the end of year financial accounts at the AGM

• Providing ad hoc financial reporting when required

• Providing financial advice to support decision making

• Acquiring relevant licences for events (e.g. alcohol licence and gambling licence for raffles etc)

• Attending PTA Committee Meetings


In essence, it involves keeping a spreadsheet up to date, visiting the bank as and when required to make deposits and withdrawals (although a large amount of payments can now be done online so cash withdrawals tend to just be required for event floats), and attending PTA Committee Meetings (usually a couple of hours, once a month).


Time Commitment


This will vary depending on how big an event is but on average, 3-4 hours a month including meetings and trips to the bank. The biggest annual events of the Summer Fayre and Winter (Christmas) Fayre take a bit more time.


Skills Required


You do not need to be an accountant or qualified financial person! Main skills required are:

• Good with numbers and Microsoft Excel

• Capable of handling a reasonable amount of cash

• Good eye for detail

• Available to be contacted for ad hoc advice and answering questions.

• An ability to summarise the overall income and profit of events


St Francis PTA


The St Francis School Association (St Francis School PTA)


The St Francis CE Primary School’s School Association (more commonly known as the PTA) is a charity entirely staffed and run by volunteers. The committee includes parents and volunteers from the school.


Although our only function is to support St Francis CE Primary School, we are actually an entirely separate organisation, and rely on the goodwill and extra time school staff are willing to put in to help us do this to the best of our ability. We are incredibly lucky to have such a supportive team to work with, and are so grateful for all the hard work that they put in on our behalf!


What are our aims as an organisation?

Primarily, our aim is to raise as much money as we can to advance the education of pupils, and assist in the provision of facilities for education at the school. With school budgets so tight, the additional finances make a huge difference.


As parents ourselves we understand that there is constantly something needing more money; we try to find a balance of organising events and activities that not only raise funds, but also enrich the experiences of the pupils and help parents where we can.


For example, we hope that events such as the Easter Egg hunt, Summer Fayre and Christmas Fayre are enjoyable family occasions. We hope the pre-loved uniform and nativity costumes help to reduce the financial burden on parents. And, let’s face it, parents need some adult time to relax and have like-minded adult company; we hope that the newer events, like the Chocoholics party and Quiz Night, provide an opportunity for that.


If you feel there is more we could be doing to help parents, please do let us know.


Who are we?

Our Chair is Lisa Hollier, a working parent from the school. Lisa is incredibly passionate about supporting the school, its pupils and their families as much as we can. She is always open to new ideas, and supporting others to make those ideas become reality.


Hazel Friar is our Vice-chair and also a working parent from the school. As a teacher herself, Hazel understands that staff are often brimming over with wonderful ideas to help the pupils learn and experience more, but that budgets do not always allow them to come into fruition; being part of the PTA feels like a great way to help with this.


Unfortunately our Treasurer, Albert, is leaving the PTA committee at the end of the next academic year so we are on the lookout for someone to take on his role. We are hoping that they can spend some time this coming year learning from Albert before he leaves, so please do get in touch if this is something you'd like to know more about! There is a document attached to this page to explain more about what the role entails.


Our Secretary, Sylvia Wong, is another working parent from the school. Like all of us, Sylvia is very enthusiastic about supporting the school to the best of her ability; whatever activity or event is happening, Sylvia will always dig in, helping out in whatever way she can.


Rachael Bond and Sue Matthews don’t have official titles on the committee, but are the rocks of our organisation. They put in an incredible amount of time to EVERY event, AND all the activities in between. Without them nothing would ever happen! To describe their roles individually is simply too difficult because they do so much. They are just awesome.


What do we do around the actual events?

Some fun stuff (buying food and drink!) and some not so fun stuff (cleaning!) – because there are always a few of us involved in each event, although it can be hard work, we always have a laugh as well (and it’s very rewarding, of course!)

  • Planning, organising, running and clearing up after events. For big events, volunteers spend many hours planning how the event would be most enjoyable for all, deciding what is needed, buying/sourcing what is needed, preparing food and drink, decorating the room, advertising the event, advertising for help at the event, obtaining a licence, running the event, cleaning up after the event, returning unused bottles to shops, washing and returning crates of glasses, writing expenses claim forms, processing expenses claim forms, preparing floats and calculating income. We are always grateful for any help you can give; even half an hour or your time makes a huge difference to us!
  • Looking for external organisations to sponsor us. This could be in the form of event sponsorship, grants, raffle prize donations, or sources of matched funding. It makes a huge difference to our income, and is not reliant on the generosity of parents. Please do let us know of anything you come across that we could access, including any schemes your places of work might offer.
  • Communicating our work, and promoting events and activities. This can be challenging as not everyone feels comfortable joining our Facebook group so we also send messages via the school office; the office staff are incredibly accommodating but already very busy and, let’s face it, we all have to prioritise which messages we have time to read! We could put handouts in book bags, but we want to avoid this in terms of the risk of spreading infection, wasting resources and money. We would be grateful if anyone can suggest a more effective method of communicating with parents!
  • Identifying and promoting other fundraising tools such as Stikins, Easyfundraising and Amazon Smile. These tools are great fundraisers and ask nothing more of parents than a few minutes of their time to set them up.
  • Working with parents and staff to find out how we can be more effective in our goals. Not just to raise money but also to support staff and parents, and to make our events and activities as enjoyable as possible. This also includes learning about activities or items we could fund to support the work of staff and provide some financial relief to parents. Please do get in touch with us if there are any school related activities you feel we could help with.


Our Fundraising partners:

Last year we raised nearly £500 through our charity partnerships with Easyfundraising and Amazon Smile. Even though there are less than 70 people using them on our behalf!


It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up to Easyfundraising and Amazon Smile, then they will donate a percentage of your purchase to us without costing you a penny!


All the money donated will go back into supporting your children's school experience.

Easyfundraising – sign up quickly at

Amazon Smile – Find ‘St Francis School Association’ at


Stikins name labels – use the link at the bottom of this page and they will donate 30% of your spend to us. Please make sure your order contains our school fundraising code 19447!


Our success fully relies on the goodwill and help of the school staff, parents and local community. We hope to continue improving communication with you all to keep you informed of what we are doing, and find out what you need from us. We are always open to constructive feedback and new ideas; these can be about fundraising and events, or how we could best spend the money to advance the education of all our children. If there is anything you would like to feed back or discuss with us, please do get in touch via our Facebook page, email us at, or complete the form below. If you would like to know more about what we’re doing, please come along to our AGM or join our Facebook page (St Francis School PTA), with no commitment to get involved unless you wish to.


Best wishes and thank you,


Your PTA.






The role of the School Association is to organize a variety of events for children and parents to join together for the benefit of the school. Whilst our activities are to raise money for the school, we try to do this by organizing entertaining events for all, such as children’s discos, Christmas Fayre, Easter extravaganza, parents quiz night, Summer Fayre.



Membership is open to all parents of children attending the school. The main committee is made up of an elected Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition there are several sub-committees which co-ordinate specific events, and many other volunteers. Many of the big events are successful because of parents doing smaller tasks as and when they can, often at home.



The School Association meets once a month to plan forthcoming events, with sub-committee groups meeting at other times to organise specific events. All parents are openly welcome to attend the meetings. The association is always looking for additional help through attendance at committee meetings; by supporting events; and through sponsorship.



Forthcoming events can be found on the school’s website, outdoor noticeboards and by ParentMail.



The School Association have been raising money since 2002 and over the years it has raised over £80,000 which have contributed to many improvements within the School.

The current fundraising focus is to update the ICT suite throughout the whole school so that every child in the school will benefit from the new equipment.  Over the last academic year, the School Association has raised £12,000 towards this.

If you would like to know more about the School Association and how you can become involved, please contact the School Office who will put you in touch with a member of the Association.



Position Held Name
Chair Mrs. L. Hollier
Vice Chair Mrs. H. Friar
Treasurer Mr. A. Ryan
Secretary Ms. S. Wong


PTA Contact

Please contact the PTA for any questions / fundraising ideas / feedback/ etc