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School Library

Our Libraries

Our school is lucky enough to house two libraries. Our main library is situated just inside the school entrance with the Key Stage 1 library next to the River room.


We currently have over 8000 books and are constantly reviewing our stock to ensure that all children have something accessible and enjoyable to read.

Each class visits the library for 30 minutes a week where they spend valuable time reading at their own leisure, choosing new books, listening to stories, recommending books to each other and browsing the vast array of fiction and non fiction literature.


In July 2018 we have refurbished the KS2 library by replacing the library shelving and adding bright colourful soft furnishings for the children to relax and enjoy their time in the library.

Reading Material

  • Non-fiction books covering a wide range of curriculum subjects and pupil interests organized using the Dewey Decimal System.
  • Fiction books (shelved alphabetically by Author’s surname) including a Year 6 collection, with material suitable for, and designed to inspire children 11 up.
  • Recommended books for each year group.
  • Newspapers
  • Comics
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • Picture books for all ages


The library is open every day during school hours and we also have Pupil Librarians who have a number of key responsibilities in the library.