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Hello Year 5!


We hope you have had a safe and enjoyable time in the sun!


Maths - Your Mathletics tasks will be set on a Tuesday so when you log in, you will need to complete these before you choose any other activities. Mr Achilles and Mrs Watts can see the results of these automatically. 


English - A task will be uploaded to the 'English' section of the Year 5 Class Page on Wednesday. There will be a powerpoint with some tasks to do and then the final page explains your writing activity for the week. An example will also be uploaded, as well as a Youtube link for you to watch. Your English work will need to be emailed to the school office so Mr Achilles and Mrs Watts can read them (this can be a photo or scanned image). You will get a response from them so maybe include a joke or a picture of what you have been learning/doing at home to make them smile!


Spellings - you will need to write your spellings in your handwriting book each day as normal. You could create a poster of your words or use some of the spelling strategies you know to remember them. Ask someone to test you on a Friday. The word lists are saved under the 'Spelling' section of the Year 5 Class Page.


Reading - read, read, read! You have lots of time to get lost in a book. Try and read for around 30 minutes each day. Record this on your reading record so we can discuss books you particularly enjoyed.


Optional extras: 

We have uploaded all the Times Tables levels so you can do a weekly challenge of these and move up if you get them all correct! 

- There will be resources uploaded to the 'Maths' section of the Year 5 Class Page if you would like other bits and pieces to keep you occupied.

- The 'Other Learning' section will have lots of ideas of other activities you could do if you wish. 


Don't forget to use your time wisely - get some fresh air, learn to cook something new or maybe write a letter to someone you haven't seen in a while. Look after yourselves and those around you. We look forward to receiving some emails from you all, 


Mrs Watts and Mr Achilles