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Lent 2021 - Random Acts of Kindness Challenge


Lent can be more than just 'giving stuff up'. What if rather than giving up chocolate, we gave up a small amount of our own time to think about other people?
I am challenging you to be generous and sacrifice a little of your own time each day to show kindness and love to those around you. To perform a random act of kindness each day.


Some ideas include:

  • Making your own bed without having to be nagged!
  • Laying the table at home without being asked.
  • Writing a thank you note to someone who has done something for you.
  • Write an encouraging note to someone.
  • Clearing up someone else’s plate after dinner.
  • Finding out what life is like in a less developed country, and being grateful for what we have.
  • Saying a nice thing, or a complement to someone else.


Please see below for a document with the dates for each day of this challenge.

Can you complete the challenge, writing or typing in each day what you have done as your random act of kindness?


Please send your completed challenges back to us at the end of this term so we can write you a certificate.


We cannot wait to see how much kindness and love we can spread through this period of lent through giving up small amounts of our own time!

Here are a wide range of resources recommended and sent to us from the Diocese. There are some lovely activities for families to share. Please let us know if you have used them - we would love to hear about it!